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International freight knowledg

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I. Definition of hazardous articles

Any article with major hazard for personal or property safety during air transport is defined as hazardous article.


Classification of hazardous articles:

According to hazard level, hazardous articles are classified into the 9 major types as follows:

Type 1: Explosive, e.g. ammunition, firework

Type 2: Gas, e.g. oxygen, ammonia

Type 3: Inflammable liquid, e.g. gasoline, coating/paint

Type 4: Inflammable solid, e.g. match, lighter

Type 5: Oxidant, organic peroxide

Type 6: Toxic article, infectious article, e.g. pesticide, biological sample

Type 7: Radioactive article, e.g. uranium

Type 8: Corrosive article, e.g. acid, alkali

Type 9: Others, e.g. dry ice, battery, magnet


Parcel rejection:

The operator is entitled to reject consignment in the following circumstances: as judged, the parcel is hazardous and may threat personal/property safety; pollute or damage other articles or equipment; make transport uneconomical or unfeasible; use disqualified package.


II. Common delivery channels used by EBAY store owners

Normally EBAY store owners in Chinese mainland deliver goods in the ways as follows: Hong Kong Post Air Mail, Hong Kong EMS, China Post Air Mail/EMS and the 4 major international express services DHL, UPS, TNT and FEDEX.


Comparison among such channels in clearance capability:

Clearance capability means the capability of customs clearance in the other party’s country, normally the recipient needs to pay custom duty and submit documents for customs declaration.  

Post products, e.g. Hong Kong Post Air Mail, Hong Kong Air Parcel, Hong Kong EMS and Mainland EMS, have the strongest clearance capability.

All of UPS, DHL, TNT and FEDEX need detailed commercial invoice for customs declaration.


Requirements of such channels for parcels

Hong Kong Air Mail: single parcel weight 2KG, with detailed address of the recipient, return address in Hong Kong, airmail label and customs declaration form


Hong Kong Air Parcel: single parcel weight 30KG normally or 20KG in some countries, with air parcel list and commercial invoice


Hong Kong Post EMS: Hong Kong Post EMS list, invoice, the recipient’s address and phone no.  


DHL/UPS/TNT/FEDEX: DHL/UPS/TNT/FEDEX list, invoice, phone no. and detailed residence address



Every eBay store owner usually uses Hong Kong Post Ordinary Air Mail for a low value parcel not requiring quick delivery, registered mail for a high value parcel not requiring quick delivery, Post EMS for a little quicker delivery and DHL or UPS for much quicker delivery.


I. Requirements for the fill of recipient information of air mails delivered to Russia


Recently a number of international air mails to Russia are rejected mainly because of incomplete or nonstandard fill of recipient name/address on the mail envelope causing the failure of delivery department of Russian Post to deliver them. In order to avoid the recurrence of such circumstance, we hereby notify the following information to standardize the fill of name/address on the envelope of international mail to Russia:    


Requirements for the fill of recipient name


As required by Russian Post, recipient name shall be respectively filled in 3 parts including front, middle and rear in sequence. Thereof, the front is personal name (essential), the middle is the recipient’s father name (optional), and the rear is the recipient’s surname (essential).


Requirements for the fill of recipient address

Country name                            (essential)

Postal code                                       (essential)

Region in Russia                              (essential)

Place (city/town/village name)            (essential)

Street/residence/apartment name          (essential)

Thereof, place (city/town/village name) and street name (residence/apartment name) must be consistent with the information of registered address in the recipient’s passport.

Post enterprises at all levels must enhance the communication with the customers, especially electronic-commerce platform customers, and require them to modify related information in address/name column of Russian buyers in relevant system so that complete and standard recipient name/address is filled in the envelope of international mails to Russia.


II. What’s HS code?

HS code = Customs commodity code

HS code is the short form of Harmonization Code System.

Harmonization Code System (HS-Code) was formulated by International Customs Council. HS codes are in 22 major types and 98 chapters in total. Worldwide universal HS codes are made up of 2-bit code, 4-bit code and 6-bit code.   

Query link:


Frequently asked questions

1. What’s Air Mail?

Any mail in the weight within 2kg and mailed by post system is an air mail.

2. What are the advantages of air mail?

1) Cheap. Relative to other means of transport, air mail has absolute price advantage.

2) Convenient. Air mail can be conveniently delivered to all places with a post office in the world (exclusive of few countries and regions).

3) Query. Online query is available for registered mail.


3. Which requirements is air mail package subject to?

Air mail package is subject to no special requirements. Besides general requirements of post office, its outer packing shall be free of unrelated patterns and words.

You only need to well pack the article(s) to be mailed, write down recipient address and hand over the article to us.  


4. Volume limit

Max: Sum of length, width and height shall be less than 900mm, thereof max. single side length shall be within 600mm.

Min: 90×140mm.   


5. Writing requirements for recipient/sender address

Information written on mail envelope shall be in French, English or language recognized in the destination country. If recipient name/address is only written in language recognized by other country beyond French and English, destination country and place name shall be noted in Chinese, French or English. 

Writing format of international mail envelope shall accord with related regulations of Universal Postal Union (UPU). Recipient name/address shall be written at a rectangular place parallel to the direction of mail length in the right middle of mail envelope, and sender name/address on the top left of mail envelope or the back of mail, and it’s allowed to write only one sender address on the mail. Recipient name/address shall be written by fountain pen, brush pen or ball-point pen in black or blue rather than red.


6. How to fill in parcel description for DHL, UPS and other express mails? 

Parcel description shall at least include name, material(s) and main purpose of article in the parcel (What is it? What is it made of? How/where will it be used?); 

7. How to declare personal article over duty-free quota delivered to the US to evade duty?  

A: For the evasion of unnecessary duty imposed on personal article delivered to the US, please provide related packing list and other documents, and fill in the form “DECLARATION FOR FREE ENTRY” to apply for free entry and avoid unnecessary duty and tax.  


8. What’s the content of description of garments and shoes?

A: Description of garments shall include men’s or women’s wear, weaving method (knitting or  shuttle weaving) of garment, garment type (T-shirt, jacket, skirt, etc.) and composition.  

Description of shoes shall include men’s or women’s shoes, type (sports shoes, skate, etc.) and composition (vamp/sole composition).


9. How to track cargos on the way?

Every logistics company provides easy query, and you can directly visit their website to track freight.

For example, all air mails of China Post can be checked on 183 website with the link below:

Every mail has receiving, delivery and outbound information, and some countries have receipt information.  

International freight knowledg