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Usual questions

2018年01月08日 15:03:10

I. Delivery process


1. Enter an order. Click entry address in order management, and then fill in recipient, selectcountry and mail mode and enter address (All circled options are essential.), submit the order after input and enter pending.



2. Fill in customs declaration form in pending, and submit the order to confirmed if reason doesnt show red prompt, (Pending can modify, delete, move or search order, and order no. may be clicked to view order details, e.g. address, phone number, postal code, customs declaration form)


If incomplete address is promoted, please check the fill of city/state/postal code in address.


Fill of Customs Declaration Form


3. Enter confirmed after submission in pending. Select order in confirmed, press print address label B, print the order and adhere it to the parcel, and then press deliver cargo to send the order to delivered and end the process.  

Usual questions