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FLYT's glory days

2018年01月08日 15:35:22

1. development course

In 2008, Guangzhou phontel Logistics Co. Ltd. was established

In 2009, three branches of Guangzhou were formally established to become partners with PayPal

In 2010, the formal establishment of the Shenzhen branch of Shenzhen Feite Logistics Co. Ltd.

In 2011, the Shanghai, Hongkong, Yiwu transit station, the United States, and the British warehouse were gradually established.

In 2012, it became the first logistics provider to introduce foreign mail packets, with sales breaking through one hundred million key points

In 2015, in cooperation with 17track, to provide customers with convenient query order number and DHL fit logistics; a long-term partner, and made DHL volume open great support;

2016, the "Eagle male Award" and "Guangzhou cross border logistics 10" and other honorary titles and eBay, fast selling system docking


2. Global Logistics

China Logistics Limited company with many years of practice, has accumulated rich experience in cross-border logistics and transport. At present, the full range of transportation services such as post package, international special line, international express, FBA air transport have been opened up. Advanced logistics as the logistics carrier authorized number of cross-border electronic business platform, by combining the order management system to provide one-stop complete logistics solutions for cross-border electricity supplier. We adhere to the "customer first" core, adhere to the customers to explore the economic and efficient logistics channel, providing a full range of quality services.


3. general manager introduction

Zhu Zewen, 2008 entry of Guangzhou phontel Logistics Co. Ltd., has contacted the operating post, sales management positions and, since 2011, as our managing director, responsible for the overall operation of the whole company. In the years of practice, to fully understand the cross-border logistics industry operation aspects and industry pain points, the current study focused on big data research, intelligent logistics sector and industry is committed to leading the logistics staff to provide fit under the cross-border logistics quality and efficient service for customers. The office has, by continuously improving the operation process, improve the quality of service, the logistics Feite won the "Guangdong cross-border electricity supplier logistics enterprise 10 strong", "male Eagle Award" and "Award - outstanding Fengming international logistics service providers" and many other awards

FLYT's glory days

FLYT's glory days