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Enterprise cohesiveness

2018年01月08日 15:56:06

Enterprise cohesiveness

1. vision

Continue to expand the market, scale and core capabilities,

To build outstanding international logistics enterprises with powerful influence.


2. mission

Providing high quality channel transportation services for customers and creating a broad development platform for employees


3. core value

Responsibility: efforts to create a responsible enterprise, from the manager to the grass-roots employees have a strong sense of responsibility.

Service: adhere to the customer as the core, respect and care for customers, to explore customer needs, to provide quality products and first-class service.

Innovation: flexible response to various changes and challenges, maintain an open mind, bold innovation, continuous improvement work, and tolerate failure.


4. enterprise spirit

 Enterprise cohesiveness

5. development concept

1. Trust and respect individuals, encourage flexibility and creativity, pursue outstanding achievements and contributions, and adhere to integrity and integrity in business activities.

2, efficient team, the pursuit of high quality principles, customer first thought as the center. The principle of authorizing others, accepting opinions, being brave in changing and pursuing excellence.


6. employees' demeanor

Enterprise cohesiveness

Enterprise cohesiveness