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The most authoritative black five shopping monsoon

2018年01月11日 17:28:33

Five is one week left in the black. Have you set up your second kill product? Is the stock of the product ready? Is the advertisement ready? The arrival of black five, cross-border e-commerce sellers are busy can not be separated, but the recent big news can not be ignored.

The most authoritative black five shopping monsoon


A few days ago, Amazon's shop in Beijing opened at the end of the year to promote the curtain, and in 2014, 2015, 2016, the three years of data, from the perspective of China for cross-border electricity supplier sellers analyzed the related indexes of black during the five that "black five shopping monsoon to mark", hope China cross-border electricity supplier sellers the sales season, to seize the commanding heights of the above indicators.


Wind vane 1: innovation driven performance growth and innovative products are hot

Amazon's data show that the demand for Chinese sellers' innovation and high quality products has been increasing rapidly, and it has seen explosive growth in the black five shopping season. More and more Chinese sellers are exploring the trend of overseas consumption, and constantly optimizing and innovating products according to the needs of consumers, so that they can get consumers' favor in overseas markets.

The most authoritative black five shopping monsoon


On the other hand, the innovative technology provided by Amazon provides a strategic force for Chinese sellers with R & D capabilities to drive growth. At present, the smart home products that support the Amazon Alexa intelligent voice service are becoming more and more popular among the consumers worldwide. In 2016 alone, millions of devices were sold to support Alexa smart voice services. Many Chinese sellers are keen to capture this business opportunity, with new Alexa skills and a number of devices embedded in the Alexa smart voice service in the global market.

The most authoritative black five shopping monsoon



Wind vane two: wireless, home, clothing, computers and accessories, electronic products, and electronic products have become the five major advantages of the Chinese sellers in the black five.

Amazon's data show that in 2016 five during the black, China sellers five advantages of selling category, including the continued promotion of wireless products, Home Furnishing products, clothing, computer and accessories, electronic products sales, highlighting the strong competitiveness in these Chinese sellers in the category. At the same time, overseas consumers' preference for household products, toys and electronic products that are suitable for holidays during the holiday season is relatively higher. According to the RetailMeNot released by Retaial Research Center, during the shopping season (mid November to the end of 12), gift consumption, catering, travel and decoration accounted for more than 50% of the total consumption in the US or Europe.

The most authoritative black five shopping monsoon

In addition, during the period of the black five, there were differences in the consumption preferences of different categories of products from different sites. The American consumer has improved clothing, cars and Home Furnishing supplies, outdoor supplies, tools products purchase preference; European consumers prefer to buy clothing, consumer goods, computer and accessories, wireless products, Home Furnishing activities and sports products; while the Japanese consumer demand for apparel, consumer goods, wireless products, computer and accessories, sports products and toys to increase.



Vane three: the steady development of American websites in Europe and Japan is steadily increasing.

According to Amazon statistics, sales of Chinese sellers at Amazon's US site increased steadily during the black five in 2016. At the same time, the attractiveness of Chinese sellers' products to consumers in other countries is also increasing. In the 2014-2016 years of black five, the consumption of products sold by Chinese and European consumers on the global sites increased year by year.


(TIPS:, Amazon is divided into Amazon, France,, Amazon, Italy,, Amazon, Spain,, Amazon, Germany,, Amazon, UK, station,

The most authoritative black five shopping monsoon

Since the launch of Amazon's global business in China in 2012, the sales volume of Chinese sellers has increased significantly. Strong performance has promoted Chinese sellers to become an important part of Amazon's global sellers, and its performance in black five has become more and more obvious.



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The most authoritative black five shopping monsoon